Partner Hubs and Institutes

Partner Hubs and Institutes

The ECR Hub advances shared goals with other ECR-funded hubs and institutes that focus on specific methods and practices, as well as with the resource centers for other NSF programs.

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ECR Data Resource Hubs and BCSER Institutes

The ECR Hub advances shared goals regarding community building and resource sharing with two ECR Data Resource Hubs that launched in 2019:

  • PEERS Data Hub: The Partnership for Expanding Education Research in STEM (PEERS) data hub promotes discovery and use of wide-ranging data resources, fosters connections among STEM education researchers, and promotes learning about data analysis and data stewardship. The American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) lead this hub.
  • OSF STEM Education Hub: The Open Science Framework (OSF) STEM Education Hub facilitates open and reproducible research practices in STEM education research through training materials, infrastructure, community engagement, and other resources. Activities and resources are designed to span the range of experimental, observational, longitudinal, and qualitative methods used in STEM education research.

Beyond the Data Resource Hubs, the ECR-funded BCSER Institutes for Methods and Practices provide participants with training and support in cutting-edge methodological techniques and/or research practices relevant to STEM education research:

The ECR Hub is a distinct initiative that launched in October 2022. Among other goals, the ECR Hub works to build community among these content-specific training institutes and curate resources from them to extend their influence and reach (forthcoming on this website).

Other Resource Hubs and NSF Programs

The ECR Hub complements the resource centers for other NSF programs that more heavily focus on applied research projects that develop, test, and implement STEM educational interventions:

This June 2023 webinar provides an overview of NSF EDU programs, including for those with or without an affiliated resource hub.

The ECR Hub’s distinguishing focus is on fundamental STEM education research that generates knowledge and understanding with the potential for broad relevance as well as projects that build individuals' capacity to conduct such research. Though some ECR projects also develop and test interventions, the focus should be on theory building and generating knowledge with the potential for broad relevance.