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Welcome to ECR Hub

Welcome to ECR Hub

The EDU Core Research (ECR) program at the National Science Foundation (NSF) funds fundamental research on STEM education as well as projects that build individuals’ capacity to conduct such research. The program provides multiple funding opportunities, including a dedicated track for investigators new to STEM education research via the Building Capacity in STEM Education Research (BCSER) solicitation.

The ECR Hub partners with NSF to build, support, and grow communities of current and prospective ECR grantees, especially for scholars and institutions underrepresented in the current ECR portfolio.


Explore example funded projects across ECR's three research areas (see description of each area here):

Recently Funded Projects

STEM Learning and Learning Environments STEM Learning and Learning Environments

Aligning Measurement of Personal Attributes for Predicting STEM Education Outcomes

James Heckman

University of Chicago

General STEM

STEM Learning and Learning Environments STEM Learning and Learning Environments

Improving educators' trust in and effective uses of predictive learning analytics to support students

Rene F Kizilcec

Cornell University

Computer science/technology

Broadening participation in STEM Broadening Participation in STEM

Black Feminist Epistemologies: Building a Sisterhood in Computing

Yolanda Rankin

Florida State University

Computer science/technology

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